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Super Smash Brothers (N64)
Name: Super Smash Brothers (N64)
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  •   Super Smash Brothers (N64)   Super Smash Brothers (N64)    


    Ever wonder who would win in a battle between Link and Mario? Have you ever wanted to beat that all-too-happy lizard, Yoshi, with a baseball bat? Well now you have your chance with SUPER SMASH BROS. for the Nintendo 64. Nintendo has put their greatest mascots together in one game with the sole purpose being to beat them to a pulp. SUPER SMASH BROS. also includes classic stages from Nintendo games past, including memorable locales like Zelda's castle and Kirby's tree land. With four-player support and a wide variety of characters to choose from, SUPER SMASH BROS. is not only a great single-player experience, but also a blast to play with family and friends. An addictive fighting game to say the very least, SUPER SMASH BROS. takes all your favorite Nintendo characters and lets them duke it out for the main spotlight. My money's on Pikachu.

    Buy Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 today.

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    Clear things up
    by mshr 26 Jan 2009

    Just let me clear up a few things: First, Mew will appear with or without hidden characters, it's just very rare. Your best bet of seeing it is going to Vs. mode and turning everything off except Pok Balls. Also, Jigglypuff has no requirements. I got him by beating the game on Very Easy with five lives. I'm not sure about the time-thing, though. Ummmmm, that's about it for now.

    Tips and Tricks
    by David 01 Apr 2008

    1p game
    Level 1-Link
    As cool as he is, Link poses no challenge. Stay away from the tornado and don't let him get too close to any power-ups.

    Level 2-Yoshi tribe
    Simply stand in one place and use a powerful attack to eliminate all of the Yoshi invaders-one good hit will kill-18 Yoshi's

    Level 3-Fox Mcloud
    This is a great battle. Fox doesn't have the best recovery skills so hit him with all you got and try to make every hit count

    Bonus Game-Targets
    Destroy all the targets to get 3000 extra points

    Level 4-Mario & Luigi
    This fight can be disastorous, these two share most of the same moves so keep them apart and hope you get a good ally.

    Level 5-Pikachu
    The tiny platforms can work for and against you. Don't let the suprise guests get you. Although Pikachu is challenging & cute he may do something stupid and benefit you.

    Level 6-Giant DonkeyKong
    You need to rack up around 300% on this guy if you want to get him off. Luckily you have 2 partners and alot of items to do it. Hit him while charging his punch.

    Bonus Game-Platforms
    simply board all the platforms to get 3000 bonus points

    Level 7-Kirby Team
    These guys don't give up so keep a good distance and use long range attacks. They have the power of all 8 charachters. 8 Kirby's

    Level 8-Samus Aran
    Long range attacks will hurt Samus early. She is also very vulnerable to the rising acid pool. Keep her off balance and she's toast

    Bonus Game-Obstacles
    Run to the finish dodging the obstacles and enemies

    Level 9-Clone Team
    Use the same technique as you did on the Yoshi team.30 Polygons

    The Boss-Master Hand
    The master hand has 300% but you can't knock him off the course. Dodge his attacks and preform yours while he is stopped. Note: After he is below 100% his gun attack fires 3 sets at a time not one.

    Link-Hyrule Castle
    Yoshi-Yoshi's Island
    Fox Mcloud-Sector Z of Great Fox
    Mario & Luigi-Peach Castle
    Pikachu-Saffron City
    Giant DK-Conjo Jungle
    Kirby-Dream Land
    Samus-Planet Zebes

    Borrow a Life
    When playing a team multiplayer match, if you are defeated, but your team mate still has 1 or more life in stock. You can use one of his life to get back in the action by pressing A+B+Z+Start. Be sure to ask for permission from your friend.

    Change Outfits
    You can change your character's outfits by tapping the four C Buttons at the character select screen. Some costume changes
    are limited to colors, but characters like Pikachu are also available with a hat.

    Classic Mushroom Kingdom
    To access the hidden classic Mario stage (complete with POW signs, Piranha plants, warp tubes and elevator), beat the game's
    one-player mode with each of the original eight characters. It's important that you have the difficulty set to normal and stock set
    to three. At the end, the game will tell you that you can now access Classic Mushroom Kingdom in the versus mode.

    Get Mew in your Pokeballs
    After you get all 4 secret characters, (Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon and Purin) you can find Mew in your Pokeballs! It takes a
    little bit of time, but you'll see one. If you have the Secret Item Menu, set it to all Pokeballs and it will be easier, or go to training
    mode. Mew has no apparent effect on the battle.

    Item Menu in the Japanese Version
    Go to Vs. Mode, pick any 3 computer players and your favorite character to play. Play the "stock" mode, and set the lives to
    10. Change the computer handicaps to 5. Play, if you are the victor, to you go the spoils! Enter options under vs., then go to
    items switch. You can choose what items will show up and how often they do. Bob-ombs galore! Infinite hammers

    Kirby's Power Loss
    Everybody knows that Kirby can swallow his opponents and take on some of their powers in this game, but what if you
    accidentally "ate" a character you didn't want -- and you want to pursue someone else? Simple: Just press the L Button to pull
    of Kirby's "Hello!" taunt and he will discard whatever power he took on.

    Music Test
    Complete Bonus 1 & 2 with all characters including secret ones and a "music test" option will be on the data screen

    Play as Captain Falcon
    To play as Captain Falcon, simply beat the one-player game within 20 minutes.

    Play as Jigglypuff
    To play as Jigglypuff, beat the game within 20 minutes. You must play at normal difficulty with three life stock.

    Play as Luigi
    To play as Luigi, pass the Bonus Practice 1 with at least 8 main characters. When Luigi challenges you, defeat him and he's
    Play as Ness
    Beat the 1 player mode with Normal difficulty and three life stock.

    Rotate Characters
    You can rotate and view the characters from different angles by entering the character bio section and holding Z. You can use the analog stick to move them around.