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The Need For Speed (PSX)
Name: Need For Speed (PSX)
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  • Description

    NEED FOR SPEED is the first installment in this popular long-running series. The game features a variety of cars that most of us can only dream of driving: the Ferrari F50, Lotus GT1, Jaguar XJ220, Ford GT90, Lotus Esprit V8, McLaren F1, Italdesign Cala, and the Isdera Commendatore 112I. There are also several hidden cars and tracks that are made available after you meet certain criteria within the game. You'll race in exotic locations including Greece, Canada, Norway, Australia, Northern Europe, and Nepal. The game also features high-quality sound, which helps put you in the driver's seat for unprecedented realism. The game also features split-screen two-player racing for those days when you and a buddy are feeling the need for speed.

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    • 6 tracks plus hidden tracks
    • 8 licensed cars with statistics and video
    • 4 racing modes
    • 2 player head-to-head racing