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Coleco Vision


Introducing Coleco Vision

The "State of the Art" video game system for now, and in the future!  ColecoVision is revolutionary in three ways: Unsurpassed graphic resolution at an unusually low price; superior game play control with realistic arcade-type controllers; and a remarkable expansion module capability insuring the ColecoVision will always be the state of the art video game system.  

Graphic resolution is what you see, the re-creation of reality.  ColecoVisions graphic resolution is unsurpassed in sharpness and detail.  The ColecoVision system re-creates all the action and excitement of the real arcade games with incredible precision!

In the important area of player control of game action, ColecoVision again stands for "state of the art" technology.  The heart of that technological breakthrough is the Colecovision controller.  it provides more precise control of game play than any other system, with 8 direction joystick for full field movement, the push-button keyboard, and 2 independent fire'action buttons for exciting interactive game play.  ColecoVision is the most advanced video system for today and tomorrow because of another technological breakthrough - an expansion module interface - a window on the future that gives ColecoVision unique add on capability.  So as new technology develops, it can be plugged into the system.  In other words, we've made obsolescence obsolete.  the first example is a remarkable expansion module (available separately) that transforms ColecoVision in tho the first video game system on the market that accepts cartridges from other manufacturers.

Owners of the Coleco Vision may have remembered all of the strange controllers and gadgets that were available. Some included the sports trackball controller among others.   The controller for the colecovision was a chore to use. Not only were there two buttons and a little joystick, there was a complete numerical pad, much like the one on a touch-tone telephone.  What's even better is that certain games had a little number pad overlay for special control optons.  For instance, a flying game might have had a landing gear button or a flare button.  Needless to say these often got lost, bent and who knows what else happened to them in the process of playing.  The game featured a decent amount of colors and cool graphics.  There were plenty of games out for the Colecovision. My favorite was Smurf.


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Anthony  Mon, 8 Jul 2002 04:22:26 
My father started me on video games, he had them all from the very start.  The Coleco Vision was the last system he purchased, until I got him back into the game with the NES.  If the Video Game market hadn't crashed back in 84, Coleco Vision would be king still to this day.  Having a Coleco back then, was like having a Game Cube or PS-2 compared to a Gameboy!!!

My Coleco is in mint condition, other than the controllers.  I found that in most controllers, the contacts for the joystick become fatigued and fail to operate.  If you know a little about soldering, you can easily replace the contacts, with cheap parts from your local electronics supply store.  Once you do this, there is no stopping you, you can make your system last a lifetime.  If your Coleco is in poor shape, a complete dismantaling/cleaning and re-building will make it work, and last like new.  Cleaning on the catridge contacts is essential on a regular basis, since this system just turned 20 recently.

With a few adaptors, you can hook your Coleco up to any RCA-inputs, and it makes the picture look 100 times better.  I play mine on a 32inch Sony Wega, and the colors/sound and picture really look great, better than the old arcade machines.  Make sure to clean the RF connector on the CV deck, before attaching any new cables.

No one in the world could take my Coleco away from me, it combines the very best of video game history, with some of the fondest memeries ever.  Long live Coleco! 

Maurice  maurice.liberton@village.uunet  on Friday, August 3, 2001 at 15:55:35 
Now my kids play on it. My favorite games are Bump and Jump and Jumoman Junior. Some games are very dificult like Bounty Bob. I love the simplicity of the games and the fun to play. Some games are however terrible boring. Lot of fun for hours and then the system of the future. 
Bryan Kielty  on Monday, July 9, 2001 at 15:33:22 
My dad got coleco back in 1980 somthing i dont know. We Were testin it out becase my dad had it in the atic for like 8 years. We took it out and the system works and we have four controllers but only one works. If have any ( that works) tell me ok thanks. 
Mark  on Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 21:29:46 
I to had the coleco vision and i had the super action controlers for rocky and front line this system was my favorite out of all i had. I have had the atari 2600 the coleco vision commodore 64 nintendo and super nintendo and the nintendo 64 now i have a computer and i still long for my coleco. I have just found out that i can still buy one,and i can replace all my games that i had like front line turbo looping popye time pilot rocky among some others well long live coleco and the classics 
Aaron Bisschop  on Sunday, December 10, 2000 at 01:47:21 
Colecovision was the first and only video game system to date to use completely "off the shelf" technology. Coleco did not have any proprietary chipsets that cost big $$$ to design and manufacturer unlike Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, etc. 
Roel van den Berg  on Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 17:39:15 
Holland In Da HOUSE! 
I still have my ColecoVision with several games (Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Smurf, Frontline (WOW!),  
Microfun, TimePilot(ADDICTIVE!),  
I also have Philips G7000, P2000, MSX, NES, Thompson M8 all with tons of games and stuff, 
I collect old IBM-PC games like Camel, Frogger, Tank etc. 
If somebody has something , please send to me!! THANKS FROM THE NETHERLANDS 
PS - I'm from the same year as the IBM-PC 
Johnny Carson  on Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 14:00:34 
No-one has ever mentioned the Rocky cart for the Coleco. I have got the game and the controllers shaped like boxing gloves. Does anyone else have this? 
Daniel  on Tuesday, February 8, 2000 at 14:57:02 
Colecovision was the first system i ever bought. I have the roller controllers, the driving module w/ turbo, the expansion module #1, which lets you play atari games on you colecovision. and about 10-15 games, which are lost in my storage unit. LONG LIVE COLECO MY FIRST VIDEOGAME LOVE>  
Christian  Thursday, 27 Jan 2000 18:09:43 EST 
Nine Games I can tell you about are:  
1.Donkey Kong 
2.Donkey Kong jr. 
3.Frantic Freddie (you were a bug that put out fires to win) 
4.Smurfs (you had to move through boards and jump over objects to get to gargamel) 
5.Turbo (this came with a steering wheel for better race action) 
6.Congo Bongo (jungle game where a monkey throws things at you) 
7.Destructor (I don't remember what this was about) 
8.Defender (Kill aliens to save humans) 
9.Baseball (this game came with two controls)
Christian  on Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 11:45:33 
They also had a steering wheel for race car games and a baseball controller, a controller that had different color buttons on it and a roll pad to know what base to throw at.   I will give you more information, I need to look at my system.  I will write back soon. Dear webmaster the steering wheel control is called the expansion module 2 and it was not for play on the turbo game but on the destructor game sorry about the error.  The baseball controllers were called super action controllers they were for play with Super Baseball. 
Trunkz on Tuesday, January 11, 2000 at 17:55:55 
I used to have two boxes full of celeco junk.  About 5 controllers, weird hook on gadget (like game genie but added to system), and about 30 games including donkey kong, smurfs and a couple of wierd controllers. I mean I had everything!!! Who knows maybe I still have it. My favorite game was Frenzy.  That game kicks 4 bit butt!!!