Philips CDI

Processor: 2 Processors(16-bit) 
Speed: varies upon source 
Resolution: 350 lines (horiz.) 
Colors Available: millions 
Colors on screen: Millions 
CD-i can be used to play audio cd's as well as  
some movies with optional MPEG cart

Audio Cassette First
Laser Optical Videodisc First
Compact Disc First

And Now
Compact Disc-Interactive First Again

Philips Introduces CD-Interactive - The World On A Disc.  Put complete control of your television where it belongs, in your hands

A New Innovation From Philips.. The inventor of CD technology

Be among the first in the world to experience the excitement of a revolutionary dimension in multi-media in home education, information and entertainment.  Compact Disc interact a totally new concept that finally puts complete control of your television and audio system right where it belongs.

CD-Interactive truly brings you the world on a disc - giving you the ability to control the information or entertainment you receive; determine the sequence of presentation: ask questions; and get immediate answers.  With CD-I you don't just read about exotic places in a guidebook, you actually explore the sights and sounds of your own personal Shangri-La.

You don't just read about taking better photographs, the interactive capabilities of CD-I let you practice right on your TV screen.  And children can visit "Sesame Street" and other pre-school pleasure spots at their whim - learning while being entertained - and retaining what they've learned through the exciting and flexible teaching advantages that interactive participation offers.

CD-I connects quickly and easily to your television receiver and home stereo system - you have no optional accessories or adapters to buy.  Once connected, CD-I is "youngster-simple" to operate - the unique remote has been designed to fit conveniently into one hand, and the thumbstick and action keys, the most-used controls for interacting with a disc, are likewise positioned for easy, one-hand operation.  

The present and future applications of CD-Interactive are truly limitless

In the future, you can have your family photos transferred to compact disc for viewing on your home TV.

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Play existing audio discs.  Your new CD-I player will play all your CD discs with the quality you have come to expect from Philips CD players.  On-screen TV Displays make programming and playing quick and easy.  CD-Interactive will infrom and amuse your family for years to come.

Compact Disc-Interactive - The World On A Disc!

Fun! Excitement! Knowledge!  CD-I has it all

CD-I Software - the new world-wide standard for home interactive systems.  Only once in home entertainment history has a true world wide standard software concept existed.  Compact disc technology invented by Philips.  And now, because of its world-standard status, the Philips CDI910 will play any and all present and future CD-I discs, produced by any manufacturer, purchased anywhere in the world.  Explore a wide range of CD-I categories: Children, Music, Games, and Special Interest

  • Control your TV with CD-Interactive - the first family oriented multimedia system
  • Plays all CD-I discs, existing CD-Audio discs and Photo CD Discs
  • Operates with included Thumbstick remote control or optional mouse, joystick, kids controller
  • Plays on your TV receiver and stereo system
  • Menu-Driven operation
  • Maximum audio cpacity of 19 hours, with capabilities for more than 16 million colors

Dallas Page  on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 13:50:15 
Okay, before I start bad mouthing this system, let me tell you what I do know. Believe it or not, there was actually a really good game released for the system called "Burn Cycle", which is a cyber punk adventure game. It looked cool (in it's time) and was very interesting. Another interesting note about this system is that there was actually a "legend of Zelda" game released for this system. No, really, I dont know why nintendo let them borrow this franchise for, but there really  was a "legend of zelda" game released (if you don't beleive me, do some research. I forgot which website had it, but it shows an actual screen shot. Another website, one of the UNofficial Zelda sites actually has it. (but no screen shot)  the game was set up like "the adventure of link" for 8-bit nintendo however, nintendo did NOT make the game, another company did. To say the least, the game really sucked since you would get the snot beaten out of you. NOT A GOOD THING.   Aside from that, and a few other games that ranged from OKAY to "WHO THE HELL MADE THIS CRAPPY GAME???" type quality. The system was a flop (I think it was REALLY expensive...... $500 to $700 dollars. and apparently NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT (bad marketing) okay, gotta go. I'll try to find the exact name of those sites that have the CD-I version of Zelda on it (I AM NOT CRAZY! there was actually a zelda game for this system. I WILL BRING PROOF some time in the future) more info on burn cycle (cool game) and other stuff. P.S: there were also Movie CD's available for the system. I remember seeing a john Candy film on the system (was it the one with steve martin "train, planes, automobiles"?) 
from- dallas page 

James Osgood  on Monday, January 22, 2001 at 13:53:53 
I own a cd-i 220 and have a decent collection of games and accessories. I have wasted alot of $$ on this system and have had alot of ?'s about bootleg games and full cell animation games that might be obtainable via ISO. If any one out there can help please send me an email with details. This system may have taken off if it wasn't so expensive during it's launch. 

Thank you  
James Osgood 

Ralph Verdieck  on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 14:37:53 
I've had a Philips CD-I player for years. I still think it is the  best game system on the market.  We also have Playstation and the Philips beats it hands down for graphics. Only problem I have is trying to locate some of the games that I don't have. I have over  50 original titles and one of the best is Lil Devil. 

Michael loa  on Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 17:56:55 
I have a philips cdi player and a Sony F505 cybershot can I burn the photo's on a cd to play it in my cdi player..?? thanks in advance, michael 

Brian Peterson on Tuesday, August 8, 2000 at 11:42:40 
CD-i Technical Specifications 

Central Processing Unit 
68070RISC Chip 
Clock Speed of15.5 MHz


1.5 MB of Main Ram

Four Modes Using 24-Bit CLUT's 
Resolutions from 384x280 to 768x560 
MPEG 1 Cart Pug-In for VideoCD and Digital Video 
Capable of 32,768 Simultaneuos Colors

ADCPM Eight Channel Sound

Single Speed CD-Rom Drive 

CD-i Consumer Models 
CD-i 220

CD-i 450/550

Made By Magnavox  
The 550 is the same as the 450 but comes with the DV Cart.

Usable Discs 
+CD-i Ready 
+CD Bridge 

With DV Cart 1,460 Kg, Without DV 1,210 Kg

CD-i 910 

CD-i Accessories

CD-i Mouse 
Roller Controller 
CD-i Trackball 
I/O Port Splitter 
Touchpad Controller 
Gamepad Controller 
IR Wireless Controller