The Vectrex

The Vectrex Arcade System 

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Introducing the system chosen 2 to 1 over Atari and the Intellivision.  For real arcade game play!

Exclusive built in screen for real arcade play.  No TV set needed.  A revolutionary breakthrough.  Only Vectrex delivers fantastic real arcade sights, sounds and challenge.  Unlike Atari and Intellivsision, Vectrex has a real arcade screen and sound system, built in.  No TV set needed.  Real arcade controls too: a 360 degree self centering joystick and four action buttons put power packed fun at your fingertips.

An arcade full of favorites.  The fast paced fun Mine Storm built into the Vectrex console.  And for more real arcade variety, plug Vectrex cartridges like Bezerk, Scramble, Rip off, and Armor Attack.  Or choose exciting new Vectrex games like Clean Sweep, Hyperchase, Cosmic Chasm and many many more.  With still more on the way...

Compare the Vectrex Arcade System with any ordinary home video game system.  You'll discover why most Atari and Intellivision players say Vectrex plays more like real arcade games than their own systems.

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Knuckles  on Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 15:23:46 
This was by far the best video game system of its' day. Unfortunately it didn't receive the backing by Milton Bradley that it required and therefore was lost in the shuffle of a major corporate acquisition. If you find one of these gems at a garage sale, grab it immediately you will not regret it. Especially if you were a vector graphics fan in the eighties or a retro gaming enthusiast. Armour Attack, Star Hawk, Scramble were some notable gems and Spike was the precusor to the side scrolling Mario games.  
Fixitdave  on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 22:59:03 
The first true "Home Arcade" system.  The Vecrex was sold at places like Toys R Us and put the other "Home Consoles" to shame. The Vecrex offered the True Arcade games like Berzerk, Blitz, Hyper Chase, Pac Man, Pole Position, Cobra, etc.

It was also the first all in one system. With Built in Sound, Joystick (360*+ 4 buttons) and that beautiful work of art, the Raster Scan display. This little gem could play games like BattleZone exactly as the arcade had them, with the Raster  
Scan lines.

It had an ingenius system of using "Overlays" that brought the appearance of color to the dismal Grey Raster Scan monitor. I might also add this monitor was an exact match to the size and  shape the arcades were using. Rectangular with the  
monitor being set in the case so that its taller than it is wider.

The Vectrex is considered by many to the be the holy grail of portable gaming. The Forefather to the Gameboy, Virtual boy, Lynx (R.I.P.) and even the Neo Geo Pocket. They all owe a nod to the Vectrex. It broke the mold and dared to be diferent.

If you can find one, snatch it up. A good Vecrex is very hard to find. 100.00 is not a high price to pay for one in good condition. There are even a few of the Prototype Color units and Prototype games floating around, they are worth a lot.

Happy Hunting. 

Nick Horvath  on Sunday, March 5, 2000 at 00:27:26 
This system was short lived, as it was obsolete soon after it was released, but it is one of a kind. No one was ready for what Vectrex brought to the table back when it was released, so it failed. I have every game ever made for this system, and am just missing the 3D glasses. Vectrex has never been duplicated and it would really be a great idea for a handheld unit. 
Robert  on Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 15:47:14 
The vectrex is a black and white system from the early 80's it used only vector graphics and was never very popular. 

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