Xbox One

Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment. Where games push the boundaries of realism. 
And television obeys your every command. Where listening to music while playing a game is a snap. 
And you can jump from TV to movies to music to a game in an instant. Where your experience is custom 
tailored to you. And the entertainment you love is all in one place. Welcome to the all-in-one, Xbox One.

The Xbox One's tech specs have been revealed by Microsoft. The new machine will feature an 8-core CPU and 8GB of RAM alongside three separate operating systems.

One of the operating systems will be dedicated to playing games. The second is a kernel of Windows and will power the likes of Internet explorer. The third will connect the two, enabling super-fast switching of content, which is able to be voice-activated.

The system will also have a Blu-Ray drive, wi-fi connectivity, 64-bit architecture and will run practically silently. There will also be various power-saving states and a 500GB internal hard drive. Superfast USB 3.0 is included for connectivity as well as both HDMI in and out.

In terms of the Kinect-alike recognition second, the new machine will transmit 2GB of data per second to recognise you, working to a 13-billionths of a second time frame.
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Simple. Instant. Complete.

Xbox One is a state-of-the art gaming console, a new 
generation TV and movie system and a whole lot 
more. Gone are the days of switching inputs on your 
TV to play a game or watch a movie. With Xbox One, 
you can quickly jump from TV to movies to music to 
a game. Just with the sound of your voice.

Be immersed.

With Xbox One, games are so lifelike, you'll swear 
they're real. Immerse yourself in cinematic worlds 
with characters that are more human than ever. 
And reach into television, sports, music, and even 
the web in ways you never imagined possible.

Be recognized.

Xbox One gets to know you. It learns what you like
and what you don't. And brings it all together on 
your own personal home screen. And because every 
Xbox One comes with Kinect, it responds naturally to
your voice, movements, and gestures. Say goodbye 
to the days of one-size-fits-all entertainment.

Be connected.

Xbox One brings you closer to the entertainment you 
love and the people you care about. You can chat 
with your friends on Skype while watching football 
on TV. Or show off your best game highlights 
instantly with Game DVR. And because Xbox One is 
powered by the cloud, you won't have to wait 
around for game updates. It looks like the 
living room can finally start living up to its name.

Cutting-edge design meets cutting-edge technology.

Xbox One delivers an entertainment experience like nothing before. Its innovative technology is rivaled only by its iconic design. Sharp corners and clean lines make for a sleek, modern console that complements any decor. Xbox One was designed from the ground up to be the centerpiece of every living room.

8 Cores
An 8-core x86 processor lets you instantly switch between a game and your entertainment apps with ease.

HDMI Pass-Thru
Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One and prepare for lift off. HDMI pass-thru enables you to watch TV through your Xbox, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic.

Loaded with memory
8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, music, and more.

Watch movies and play games in stunning HD with a Blu-ray player.

A one-of-a-kind architecture.

Xbox One was designed to be the most advanced gaming console ever, and the best entertainment console. To make that possible, we did something unprecedented. For the first time ever, we created a state-of-the-art gaming OS and fused it together with a powerful Windows OS. So you get the best of both worlds, without compromise. Forget about having to switch inputs to watch TV or play a game. Now you can run a host of apps right alongside your game without any loss of performance.

Play with peak performance.

Xbox One is the perfect balance of power and performance. In addition to Xbox One's revolutionary architecture, the combination of its CPU, GPU and ESRAM is like having a supercomputer in your living room. But raw power is nothing without speed. So the Xbox One uses its power more effectively, creating lightning fast experiences unlike anything you've had before.

All the entertainment you love. All in one place.

From the biggest blockbuster games to the most popular TV shows to the best of the Web, Xbox One does it all. But this is just the beginning. Thanks to the power of the cloud, Xbox One will keep getting better, with more games, TV, movies, music, and apps launching all the time.

Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. The perfect balance of power and performance, Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level. Stunning realism. Advanced AI that adapts to the way you play. And a new generation of multiplayer that is both smarter and faster. Xbox One is simply the best gaming console we've ever made.

As real as real life.

Immerse yourself in cinematic worlds that look like real life, with characters that feel more human.  Advanced AI technology and the processing power of Xbox One make game worlds come alive. And thanks to the power of the cloud, what you do in a game can stay that way persistently. Xbox One's unique architecture allows creators to build realistic, cinematic experiences of the highest fidelity possible.

Your games keep playing, even when you're not.

Just because you're not playing doesn't mean your games have to stop. With Living Games technology and the power of the cloud, game worlds can be persistent. So the things you do in a game will stay that way. Plus your games stay in sync with the real world, which means the latest stats can be automatically fed into your sports games. Advanced AI even allows your friends to play against your shadow when you're not available. With Xbox One, the game never stops.