Atari Jaguar

Tech Specs 
64 bit System Architecture 106.4 Megabyte per second bus bandwidth 16.8 million colours Five processors: GPU, DSP, Object, Blitter  and MC68000 16bit sound 

Thanks to its powerful 64-bit data bus, Jaguar delivers real-world, real-time game play, true-color graphics and stereo CD-quality sound that other game systems can't touch.  The bus acts like a 64-lane freeway, permitting data traffic to flow 64 bits at a time.  Compare that to the cramped country roads of the 32-bit and 16-bit game systems and you'll see why they suffer from slow animation speed, choppy game play, grainy graphics, and poor sound quality.

Advanced technology is just the beginning.  In addition to the killer games for the Atari Jaguar already  on the market, there are a ton of new games coming to harness the insane power of the 64-bit system.  Experience sports games so intense you'll feel the turf burn.  Combat games that'll drain pints of your blood.  And dizzying virtual reality games like Doom and Alien vs Predator.

Jaguar's 64-bit technology gives you the features and functionality you need now, while supplying the power and components, such as virtual reality and CD-ROM capabilities you'll demand in the future.  Put it this way - nothing's going to come along to knock Jaguar off the top.

But hey, don't take our word for it.  The Atari Jaguar has been voted best hardware system in Europe and America.  And it's the only system made in America.

Atari Jaguar 64-bit.  Compare the technology.  Look at the numbers.  Do the math.

The world's first 64bit console was also the first true 'next generation' machine - Commodore's 32bit CD32 was based on old Amiga technology. Despite beating Nintendo, Sega and Sony to the Next Gen punch, the lack of decent software and doubts about the viability of cartridge based software and the ability of Atari to attract high profile developers to work on the machine led to apathy in the marketplace.

The Jaguar was originally developed with a 32bit console called Panther, but Atari decided early that their best chance of succeeding in the competitive games market was to concentrate on the more powerful machine, and so the Panther was dropped. 

Atari attempted to regain it's prominence in the videogame market by releasing the Jaguar.  The specs were very impressive, but the lack of good software killed the system. Good luck finding games for this system it is hard.  The CD add on is very cool.  It is definately a must have for any avid videogame collector.

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