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Nintendo Launched the Nintendo Gamecube to compete with the Playstation 2 and the Dreamcast. The Gamecube was made famous by classic titles like Mario Party, Mario Golf, and Zelda Windwaker.

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Enter Nintendo's Gamecube. This system was made by Nintendo specifically for one main purpose, quality eye catching gaming entertainment! Gamecube uses the latest technology and continues Nintendo's legacy with popular games from the past like Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid and many many more!

Nintendo has announced the final title for its much-vaunted game system. the 128 Bit console   
will be called simply Game Cube. The system design is very much what the name suggests --  
a cube, available in different colors and in design terms, very bare. It feature four joypad ports   
and a top-mounted window, presumably to reveal DVD activity.  The company will also be  
unveiling several games this morning, including versions of Wave Race, Pokemon, Zelda, a  
Star Wars: Episode 1 title and surprisingly, Metroid. We'll have more details as they emerge   
throughout the morning -- including shots and movies of the games.

The Games of Game Cube



Luigi's Haunted House 
Is this some new game, or does it have something to do with the new Mario?  We don't know exactly what's going on in this bit of footage, but it sure is pretty!
The Mario 128 Demo 
Shigeru Miyamoto made jokes about everyone assuming that he'd create Mario 128 -- so he did! In order to really demo the capabilities of the Game Cube, Miyamoto and his team put together a brief technology package that has the model of Mario from Super Mario 64 picking up boxes and uncovering other Marios. Eventually, 128 Marios are running around on the screen. Miyamoto then applied lighting and transformation    effects to the Marios (along with the boxes on screen) and transformed the landscape the models were on. All in all, we never saw a single drop in frame rate, and a meter at the bottom of the screen which measured the hit on the CPU hardly ever went over 25%. The new Game Cube is certainly technologically impressive.
It will probably be a while before our throat heals after screaming so hard for Metroid when we saw Samus Aran appear on the screen. We've been a big fan of hers for a long time, and it's great to see that Nintendo is listening to the needs of those who've fallen under her spell. We don't know too much about this incredible game, other than that its in development -- and that makes us happy.

One of the games that showed off Game Cube's power was a little demo called Meowth's Party. Meowth got down and dirty with some Pokemon friends. While the models were mostly from Pokemon Stadium, there were a whole lot of them, and they all looked sharp.
The Legend of Zelda 128 
One of the most impressive bits of gameplay came when we got to see Link fighting it out with none other than Ganon himself. The colors, movement, lighting effects, and physics were all astonishing. We can't wait to hear more about this game!