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The home video system comes of age.  Never before has a home video system offered such vividly exciting and challenging game action.

Realistic graphics.  The Intellivision game characters actually have arms, legs, heads and hands.  They run out on the field when you press Reset.  They pass, catch, jump, and dribble.

Realistic action.  The players are in proportion to the size of the field, and the field often scrolls from one end to another.  So you always have a close-up view of the action.

Challenging games.  Conventional video games often have limited strategic options.  But the powerful built in Intellivision computer offers far more video game variety.  The NFL Football cartridge, for example features more than 180 different plays for passing, running, tackling, and intercepting.

A lot more fun.  Intellivision has video games for everyone.  Choose from major league sports excitement.  Las Vegas-style gaming, rousing battle action, adventures in outer space, children's learning programs and classic strategy games.

And a whole lot more.  Each Intellivision game program comes with custom overlays for your game controls.  So you spend more time enjoying the game and less time figuring it out.  Intellivision is as eas to connect as a "Rabbit Ears" TV antenna.  Just attach the switch box to your TV antenna connection, plug in a couple of wires, and enjoy.  Then when you feel like watching regular TV programming, just flick the switch.

Quality and value.  A lot more than conventional video game systems.  Better graphics. Better sound effects.  More realistic video game action.  And a beautifully engineered product that will provide you years of fun games and family entertainment.

The Intellivision was a personal favorite of mine. Utopia was the first real strategy that I ever played.  I wish I still had it.  This machine sported two built-in controllers that were as comfortable as they were practical. The unique disk-shaped directional pad provided unprecedented control for the time, and the numeric keypad opened up new options previously unavailable in console gaming.  The Intellivision not only had plenty of action titles, but simple role-playing games (like the DD games?), casino games, and many more.  Even though there were a good amount of games for the Intellivision, there wasn't anything that really stood out.  The Intellivision became popular enough to where a second, equally powerful version had to be released.  The Intellivision 2 was more compact, had longer controller cords and looked much more sophisticated and modern.  The Intellivision had also had the Intellivoice module.  Any Intellivision game would plug into this gadget, which in turn, would plug into the main cartridge slot of the system.  Any Intellivoice-compatible game would then give you speech in the game!!  It was an important innovation back then, as game systems did not have the capability to talk.  This added a new dimension in gaming, as the computer could tell you some of the things that were going on in the game.  
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It's obvious how much realistic Intellivision graphics are.  But take a closer look.  Notice the Intellivision players.  They've got arms and legs like real players.  look at the field.  It actually looks more like a real baseball field.  If you compare the two games.  I think you'll find that Intellivision looks a lit more like the real thing.

More about action
You can see how much more realistic Intellivision looks.  What we can't show you here is how much more realistically it moves.  If you could compare the two, I think you'd see that Intellivision has smoother and more life-like movement than Atari.

More about control
If you've ever played a video game, you know how important control is.  And if you held these two control units in your hand, you'd know Intellivision gives you more.  The Atari hand controller offers only 8 positions and one button.  The Intellivision hand controller has 16 positions and 4 buttons.  So Intellivision allows you to maneuver players and objects in more directions with greater precision and accuracy.  And the Intellivision controller is compatible with the entire library.  With Atari, some games require the purchase of additional control units.

More about challenge
You can't see it here, but I have found that in many of the Atari programs, the game play is rather simplistic.  With Intellivision, the game play is more sophisticated. And that makes Intellivision more challenging.  Wth INtellivision PGA Golf for instance, you get nine different clubs to choose from.  With Atari Golf, you have to make do with just one club.  Greater attention to detail is a quality I have found in all of the Intellivision games.  Making them more realistic and more challenging.

More about libraries
Both Intellivision and Atari have large libraries.  But there really isn't any way you can tell which library is better, until you play with both.  Once you compare the two systems for challenge, sophistication and continued interest.  I'm confident you'll choose Intellivision.  Buy don't just take our word for it.  Visit your local dealer and decide for yourself.



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