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Nintendo Launched the Super Nintendo to follow up it's very successful Nintendo Entertainment System.  The Super Nintendo was made famous by innovative titles like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy 2 & 3.

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Experience the Future of Gaming

The Super Nintendo: the most advanced gaming experience you will ever have.  This fancy device has the most beautiful 16-bit graphics and clocks games in at 30 frames per second.  This fabulous system has the greatest library of games ever produced.  Be prepared to become immersed in the experience that is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

You're looking at a whole new dimension of power, a whole new level of sophistication.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was created with only one thing in mind - to take you way past everything you thought you knew about home video game action!  The Super Nintnedo contains the most powerful custom CPUs and PPUs around.  The Super Nintendo will show you great new graphics, screens that rotate and scroll in every direction, with an explosion of more than 32,000 colors and incredible 3-D effects!  While your eyes adjust, sounds race towards you with incredible realism through eight separate audio channels, combined for an uncompromising sonic performance.  And the only reason you'll be able to hang on is because of the advanced design and functions of the Super Nintendo controllers.  Start, Select A+B buttons, X+y buttons, L+R switches and the classic cross-key joystick stretch the amount of control to the max.  Get ready.   The Super Nintendo opens the door to a new world of challenge.

Power Of Choice - Puts you in Control

The new Super Nintendo Control Set gives you the ultimate power of choice.  We've given Mario a break by taking the Game Pak out of the package and lowered the price to put the control where it belongs -- with you!  So the question arises: Which game will you buy first?  How about the arcade sensation Street Fighter II?  It's a knock out!  Are you into art?  Mario Paint (sold with the new Super Nintendo mouse) may be just the ticket.  How about the new epic Legend of Zelda game?  F-Zero?  Final Fantasy II>  Are your sights set on the amazing Super Scope 6?  The choice is yours.  And with a price tag of only $79.99 lookin' you in the face, how can you refuse?  Exercise your power to choose.  Choose Control!

Make your choice from over 700 Super Nintendo games.

You've waited now it's here: Super Nintendo, the Entertainment System that will turn the whole world upside down.  In fact upside down, left and right, front to back and right the way through 360 degrees

A 16-bit Computer and Custom Picture Processing Unit generate graphics like you've never seen before.  Sensational 3D effects throw you right into the heart of the action.  Four layers of Independent scrolling background screens bring movement in every directions, ensuring sharper definition and perfect perspective at all times.

Unique and simultaneous scaling qualities bring new depth and impact enabling immediate enlargement or reduction to any of the 128 sprites on screen at any time.  Through utilization of a massive 128k RAM and 128k Video memory, a whole new dimension to game play scenarios can now be created, and with over 32,000 colors there's a massive palette of opportunities.

Whilst vibrant graphics fill the screen, eight separate audio channels of Super Nintendo fill the room.  Full dimension digital stereo and near CD quality sound means that the Super Nintendo comes alive at your finger tips.

To increase the degree of control and skill at your command, pin point accuracy is achieved through the new ergonomically designed controller - a major innovation in itself.   Eight way cross key joystick, color coded relay buttons and left and right adjustment switched ensure action unfolds in all sorts of new ways.

The Super Nintendo set comprises - control deck, controller, AV Cable, RF Switch (allowing you toi connect both NES and Super Nintendo to the same TV) and Super Mario World Game Pak - a masterpiece in its own right and hailed by Player's Choice as the greatest 16-bit platform game yet devised.

During the Fourth Generation, Nintendo had dominated the industry with control of 85 to 90 percent of the market on both sides of the Pacific. They had ruled supreme. Smaller video game companies feared and respected them, none with the clout to usurp their autocracy. This made Nintendo executives feel their company was imperishable. Concerning this, Sheff wrote, "Nintendo suffered from a malaise typical of industry leaders. Fat and happy, it had been lulled into a sense of invulnerability. Yamauchi and Arakawa felt they didn't have to react to competitors simply because they were Nintendo."