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Arcade Hits : Moon Patrol & Spy Hunter (Gameboy Color)

Arcade Hits : Moon Patrol & Spy Hunter (Gameboy Color)
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Showcasing two arcade classics from the early to mid-1980s, Arcade Hits: Moon Patrol/Spy Hunter is a hit-and-miss package. The hit is Moon Patrol, a horizontally side-scrolling game where you control a moon rover patrolling sector nine of Luna City. While fending off wave after wave of alien attacks, you must avoid totaling your rover on the boulders, craters, and mines that cover the lunar surface. Because the arcade game had basic controls (joystick and two buttons) and rudimentary graphics and sound, it's been faithfully reproduced here.Moon Patrol fans won't be disappointed. The miss is Spy Hunter, a vertically scrolling game that has you driving a James Bond-like car on a mission to take down the bad guys using an arsenal of special weapons. While this adaptation looks and sounds like the original, the controls are too awkward to make the game worth playing, as the Game Boy Just doesn't have enough buttons for the job.

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