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Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. (GBC)

Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. (GBC)
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In the future, our world has conquered space. There are outposts throughout the known universe. Thousands upon thousands of outposts help keep us safe from harm and provide us with the supplies and resources needed to keep our world thriving. There is one in particular that now worries the President.The outpost on Venus is quiet, too quiet. All attempts to contact them in the last two weeks have failed. The tracer team that was sent to check it out has yet to report back. Dr. Zahn fears they are all dead or captured by whatever has presumably taken over the Venus outpost. It seems like all hope is lost. More importantly, the Earth may be in danger. The President has ordered General Kendall to send in his best and brightest Armorine. Just one, hell yeah, just one. That's all it takes. The Armorines are the elite of the elite. They alone get the privilege of wearing a high tech combat suit packed with all the amazing weapons and gadgets that Dr. Zahn can create. The lucky man, Sargent Snider drew the short straw.Good luck and Godspeed are the last things Sargent Snider hears, as they load him into the new prototype ship, the sublight-zoner. He was loaded into the prototype spacecraft that travels at just under the speed of light. While this is an amazing innovation, if the ship malfunctions, it will create a black hole destroying the Earth and the rest of the solar system.In Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M, you play as Sargent Snider. You must complete the six different levels from the base on Venus to the alien home world. Be sure to listen closely to General Kendall, he'll brief you on the mission object and maybe drop you a few hints as well! There are several different bugs that will stand in your way. However, you are wearing the battle suit so they shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Along they way there are different weapon systems that can be added to the suit as well as upgrades. Each weapon works best on different types of bugs, so be sure to pay attention when you're laying waste to the insect horde. There are other special items you'll need to find in order to complete the missions ahead of you and to stay alive.You are our last hope for survival. The bug horde is closing in, but that won't matter. You are an Armorine, the best of the best. You carry with you the most devastating weapon in the known universe. Now get in there and crush some bugs! You don't want to live forever do you?
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