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Avalon Code (Nintendo DS)

Avalon Code (Nintendo DS)
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A crimson sky... You stand tall atop a tower looking down upon a world consumed by flames. An old man beside you opens his mouth to speak; "Time has expired for this world, but the records of this book shall create the next..." Your eyes snap open. You jump out of bed, covered in sweat. It was only a dream, but one you've been having quite often lately. Dazed, your eyes wander about the room when you notice a book atop the desk. The pages in it are all blank...A spirit arises from the book and enlightens you on the prophetic nature of the book you behold. Upon the insistence of the spirit, you leave on a journey to complete the book and change the world. From the creative minds behind Rune Factory and Harvest Moon with the development studio responsible for the Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV DS remakes comes Avalon Code, an action RPG boasting incredible graphics, a deep and engrossing story and innovative game play mechanics. Using the main character's 'Book of Prophecy', players can modify the rules of engagement during battle as well as change weapon and monster attributes. The player even has control over the story as it changes depending on which gender the player chooses to play as, enhancing the ability to immerse themselves into the story.
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The experienced Nintendo DS development team behind the Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV remakes, Matrix Software, is at the helm together with the creative minds behind the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series

By collecting information on the various monsters, inhabitants and locations found in the game world and filling out the pages of a mysterious book, players can influence a myriad of parameters from monster attributes to weapon strength

Highly detailed characters, landscapes and monsters fuel the addictive nature of capturing different monsters to complete the book's collection

Players can lose themselves in the game's grand sweeping storyline. Choosing between a female or male protagonist, start on a quest to either save or doom the world.

As the main character, players can make enemies, alienate friends, and even fall in love.