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Away: Shuffle Dungeon (DS)

Away: Shuffle Dungeon (DS)
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For over 100 years the people of Webb village have been mysteriously disappearing One by one. Two years ago, a young man named Sword came to the village looking to settle down. Noticing the lack of people and occasional disappearances, he grew curious about their Cause. He also befriended Anella, a kind girl who loves hearing stories of Swords past. Suddenly, the mysterious unknown came and took all of the remaining villagers except for Sword because the brave Anella sacrificed herself to save him. As Sword, you must right this wrong and save as many missing villagers as you can. With an unknown evil spiriting away all of the villages people, Sword must bring them home safely and unravel the mystery of AWAY. Use various items to reveal entrances to unknown dungeons where the villagers are being held. Rescue them and repopulate the town by using your new friends to assist you in your quest.
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