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Axelay (SNES)

Axelay (SNES)
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This planet was once a quiet, peaceful place to live, until...they came...

An unknown alien race came to this planet and promptly laid waste to it. The remaining defense Force has been sent out to try and defeat them. One lucky person gets to fly the latest line of defense ships made: the AX-77 Axelay. However, these ships are still in the prototype stage, and as such, only one exists.

So get out there and head to the alien's homeworld. With some luck, you may just be able to take them out at the source...
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This game is Hard!! by Axelay 17 Nov 2008
Axelay is one of the best space shooters ever created, which is no surprise considering the publisher of the game; Konami; also crafted the exceptional Gradius and Cybernator. And like the latter games mentioned, it is one helluva difficult game to beat, and chances are you will never beat it.