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Batman: The Brave and the Bold -- The Videogame (NDS)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold -- The Videogame (NDS)
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Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a 2D action-adventure based on the television series of the same name (airing on Cartoon Network in the U.S. at the time of the game's retail release). The play of the game involves side-scrolling combat, with platform puzzles that sometimes require the use of Batman's high-tech gadgets. As in the animated TV series (as well as in the original title comic on which it's based), Brave and the Bold -- The Videogame features team-ups between batman and another superhero, who joins the Caped Crusader for a single episode to overcome a great challenge or defeat a common enemy.In single-player games, the computer can control one of the heroes, but the premise is well suited for co-op multiplayer play, and a second gamer can drop in and out of the action, taking the role of Batman's partner. Players follow batman through missions involving a rogue's gallery of Gotham's very worst, as well as guest appearances from some of the greatest and most unusual characters from the DC Comics universe. As in the TV series, Robin, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman are prominently featured, in partnerships with Batman against supervillains including Two Face, Catwoman, and Gorilla Grodd. Several of the voice actors from the television series reprise their roles in the game.Players who also have the Wii version of Batman: The Brave and the Bold can connect the two games and unlock Bat-Mite as a playable character. He can flap around in any level of the game, helping (or hindering) Batman's progress. Bat-Mite is controlled in the Wii game by using the DS as a gamepad.
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