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Battle of Giants: Dragons (NDS)

Battle of Giants: Dragons (NDS)
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battle of Giants: Dragons is a game of one-on-one dragon fighting, with a measure of Pokémon-style exploration and creature development. Following the publisher's prehistoric Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs, the 3D combat and creature customization take a turn toward the fantastical in Dragons, with tail attacks, in-flight combat, and mystical powers based on the four elements. Earth dragons specialize in cunning damage-over-time attacks, wind dragons are masters of healing powers and attacks from the air, fire dragons have the most powerful breath weapon, and ice dragons are especially tough and formidable in melee combat. Players can choose their dragon from any of the four elemental types, and then customize its appearance and coloring. The game is set on a time-forgotten island called Tammabbukku, where humans once waged war against the dragons of the land in order to capture the magical gems that give the dragons their power. In the role of a mighty dragon, players now explore the land and search for lost gems. As players soar above the island, the action plays out in the bottom screen, with a mini-map above. Gems may be hidden away in dangerous areas, or guarded by other dragons that must be defeated in battle. Each captured gem allows the player to increase the power of One of the dragon's abilities or attributes. In addition to the dragon-developing single-player game, multiplayer modes let two human-controlled dragons fight head-to-head, and up four can battle in tournament play.
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