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Beauty & The Beast (Intellivision)

Beauty & The Beast (Intellivision)
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Beauty & The Beast for the Intellivision.  The giant Horrible Hank takes Tiny Mabel hostage and retreats to the top of the old Mutton Building. Being Tiny Mabel's number one guy, Bashful Buford, it's your job to save her. Climb up the outer walls of the tower, avoiding rats, birds, bats, and the boulders Horrible Hank tosses your way. Catch a heart that floats down from your beloved and you'll enjoy a brief spat of invincibility. When you get to the top, grapple with Horrible Hank and save the day by throwing him over the side of the building. Don't enjoy your sweetheart's reunion for too long, though you've got another level to conquer.
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