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Blitz The League II (PS3)
Name: Blitz The League II (PS3)
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  • Description
    Blitz The League II for the PS3. Own a team and fight for victory with the Blitz: The League II desgined for PlayStation 3 platform. Sequel to an award winning plot, this American football video game gives you a chance to create your own league, choose players, colors, locations and names. With the spotlight on you and the crowd cheering, it's like you ruling this Sony PS3 video game. Play with full might against the enemy team, L.A. Riots, the commissioner's creation. Feel free to punch in the face, break some bones and hit them as you can play dirty in this American football video game featuring Precision-Aim Tackling. What adds interest to the story of Blitz: The League II is the real life scandals revolving around NFL, inspiring characters like that of Ron Mexico. This Sony PS3 video game can be played alone as well as with your friends for added fun. Just connect online and challenge other players logged in with Campaign and Quick-Play Versus modes provided to enhance the game experience.

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