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Blueprint (Atari 5200)

Blueprint (Atari 5200)
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Blueprint for the Atari 5200.  The nasty old troll, Ollie Ogre, is once again terrorizing a peaceful community in the maze game, Blueprint. This time he's chasing Daisy Damsel. Therefore, with blueprint in hand, it's up to you to build a contraption to knock off that pesky creature. However, weapon parts are hidden in bomb-laden houses throughout the neighborhood, and you're on a time limit.

A neighborhood in this game consists of ten houses, eight containing parts and two containing bombs. To advance to the next neighborhood, you must find all the parts (one at a time), position them in their proper places on the blueprint (a rectangle at the bottom of the screen), and use the completed device to thwart Ollie and rescue Daisy. If you pick up a bomb instead of a part, you must defuse it in a hurry by hauling it to the monster pit at the bottom right side of the screen. In addition to bombs, you must concern yourself with Sneaky Pete, the neighborhood nerd who lives in the bomb pit. He'll surface from time to time to push a start button at the lower left portion of the screen that will slip your parts off the blueprint. In level three, you'll be harassed by Fuzzy Wuzzy, a vengeful fellow whose advances were once spurned by Daisy. In all the levels, as Ollie relentlessly pursues Daisy across the top of the screen, he will sometimes knock flowerpots off 
the ledge. When a flowerpot hits bottom, it will grow feet and bounce your way.

Once you complete your contraption, a warning signal will sound, alerting you that it's time to rescue Daisy. So, push the onscreen start button to activate the device allowing you to fire basketballs at Ollie as you maneuver horizontally along the lower portion of the screen. One lucky or skillful shot will knock Ollie on his duff. Begin Blueprint with five lives and gain a new one when you score 20,000 points. Choose from seven skill levels.
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