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Blues Brothers (SNES)

Blues Brothers (SNES)
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Blues Brothers for the Super Nintendo.  The Blues Brothers have appeared on television, in the movies, and now they've made their way to the digital world to star in their own videogame. Jake and Elwood Blues are traveling to Chicago for their first paying gig, when an evil jukebox suddenly traps them. It's up to you to help them escape from the strange land of the jukebox to get to the show in time. Playing as either Jake or Elwood (or both in the two-player game), you'll venture through level after level of platforming action, fighting enemies, and solving puzzles. Each character has different abilities so choosing the brother who matches your gaming style is an important decision. Jake is fast but can't jump very high and Elwood has hops but can't run very well. Work your way through 34 single-player levels or 25 two-player levels as you groove to the tunes of The Blues Brothers.
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