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BOB (Genesis)

BOB (Genesis)
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B.O.B. has finally convinced his dad to let him borrow the car for a hot intergalactic date. Unfortunately, the super robot crashes on planet Goth and finds himself surrounded by metal-hungry androids. You need to help B.O.B. make his way through 45 levels of platforming action, battling more than 40 different types of enemies. You've got six handy gadgets at your disposal to assist with your survival. There are also several weapon upgrades available including the triple shot, flame-thrower, rocket, and bolt. If that isn't enough, you can also snag remotes scattered throughout each level, such as a shield, trampoline, and a helicopter hat. Reach the exit before time runs out, or B.O.B. will find himself broken into scrap metal!


  • Features 45 challenging levels
  • Boss characters to battle at the end of each stage
  • Six nifty gadgets
  • Many weapons upgrades
  • Remotes scattered through each level that give B.O.B. special abilities
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