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Borderlands 2 (Vita)

Borderlands 2 (Vita)
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Four brand new Vault Hunters are riding a train on Pandora, but soon realize that they are in for a surprise. The train was actually a trap set by the infamous Handsome Jack. Upon exploding and knowing the Hunters Unconscious, Handsome Jack escapes. When they awaken, they are contacted by The Guardian Angel, and directed to accompany Claptrap to a city known as Sanctuary. They are also directed to join the resistance movement known as the Crimson Raiders to take their vengeance, as well as get rid of Handsome Jack. They soon realize they are in more trouble than originally suspected, as they have to fight their way out of a frozen wasteland upon destroying a man known as Captain Flynt. After they retake Claptraps boat, they are taunted by Handsome Jack, and given comfort and advice from The Guardian Angel. This leads them on an adventure to defeat not only Handsome Jack, but also a slew of bandits and raiders currently terrorizing the places along the way to their ultimate goal.
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