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Chester the Cheetah Wild Wild Quest (SNES)

Chester the Cheetah Wild Wild Quest (SNES)
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This is the second game (the first one being Too Cool to Fool) in Kaneko's series based on the popular Frito-Lay mascot Chester Cheetah. Chester the cheetah lives in the Four Corners Zoo together with other animals. One day he decides to leave the zoo and to search for the legendary Hip City. Riding his trusty motor scooter, with a map in the paws, Chester encountered the nasty brute Mean Eugene. True to his habit of stealing and destroying things, Mean Eugene took the map from Chester, tore it to pieces, and scattered them all across United States of America. Chester must now visit various locations in the country to retrieve the map pieces and to find a way to Hip City.

You can explore the game world in a non-linear fashion. At any time, there are three levels available, and you can tackle them in the order you prefer. Each solved level leads to additional two. On each level, you must find the missing map piece, proceed to the exit, and defeat the level boss. Chester can dash and kill enemies by jumping on their heads. He dies from one hit, unless he has a pack of the cheetahs snack at his disposal. In this case, he'll recover full health.
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