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Congo Bongo (Coleco Vision)

Congo Bongo (Coleco Vision)
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Congo Bongo for the Coleco Vision.  Mischievous ape Congo Bongo's favorite pastime is driving fearless explorer Safari Sam absolutely bananas. Every time Sam tries to enjoy a simple jungle adventure, Congo bonks him with coconuts. One day Sam decides he has had enough and embarks on an expedition motivated by nothing more than pure revenge.

Your job is to guide Sam through three levels of monkey mayhem and madness as he pursues Congo Bongo through the jungle. The first level takes place at Waterfall Pass, where Congo taunts Sam from the top of a series of dangerous cliffs. You must climb the cliffs, negotiate slippery slopes, cross a rickety bridge and jump a treacherous chasm in order to reach the pesky ape. Cute and cunning little chimps will try to slow your progress, but you can shake them off with a hard jump.

After you reach Congo, he will head for Rhino Ridge, a place teeming with raging rhinos. You must avoid the charging rhinos by darting from place to place and ducking into mole holes. If you manage to come out of this stage alive and climb up to Bongo's retreat, the coconut-throwing ape will move on to Lazy Lagoon.

In order to reach Congo in Lazy Lagoon, you must cross the lagoon by jumping on lily pads, small islands, diving hippos and biting fish. When you reach the opposite bank, the rhinos make a return engagement, forcing you to avoid their raging stampede. If you make it to Congo in this level, you can celebrate for just a short time, because the adventure begins anew, this time with trickier enemies and obstacles.

Congo Bongo is for one or two players; four different skill levels are available. Each stage is timed with a bonus indicator.

Play this game if you dare, but remember one thing: Watch out for those coconuts!
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