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CUBIX - Robots For Everyone - Race'n Robots (PSX)
Name: CUBIX - Robots For Everyone - Race'n Robots (PSX)
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  • Description
    Cubix, Robots for Everyone: Race'n Robots is set in Bubble Town, where robots are a part of everyday life. As in the animated series, the game follows the adventures of a boy named Connor and his robot pal Cubix, along with a cast of both human and robot friends. They embark on adventures as they attempt to repair damaged robots and ward off their nemesis, Dr. K. Race'n Robots will take players to Bubble Town's racing championships in a heated battle to win the final race and defeat Dr. K's converted racer Kolossal. Players can race as Cubix, Brutix, Hop2ix, Don-Don, or Diagnostix

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    • Travel to Bubble Town where robots are part of everyday life
    • Follow the adventures of Connor and his robot pal Cubix
    • Repair damaged robots and ward off the evil Dr. K.
    • Race for the Bubble Town championship
    • Play as Cubix, Brutix, Hop2ix, Don-Don, or Diagnostix