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Cutthroat Island (SNES)

Cutthroat Island (SNES)
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Based on the 1995 pirate movie starring Geena Davis and Mathew Modine, Cutthroat Island for the Super Nintendo puts you in the role of either Morgan Adams, a pretty pirate armed with a rapier, or William Shaw, a rogueish scoundrel armed with a sword. In search of treasure, your job is to slash, jab, punch, and hack your way through ten levels of pirates, Jungle creatures, redcoats, harbormasters, chain-wielding rogues, and other dangerous foes. This game will take you to prison, a quarry, a tavern, a pirate ship, the jungle, rocky cliffs, dark caverns, and other dangerous places. As you progress through the game you can find knives, bombs, bottles, torches, hammers, pistols, and other weapons to increase your odds of prevailing against the onslaught of enemies. In addition to all the swordplay, level two requires you to flee prison guards in a quarry cart, and level five puts you atop a runaway horsedrawn carriage.When you begin playing Cutthroat Island you1ll be asked to choose between two kinds of fighting styles: the Swordplay mode, which is standard sword fighting, and the Brawling mode, in which you use your swordbutt to punch your enemies, giving the game more of a street fighting feel. Also, you can choose the two-player mode
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