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Dark Chambers (Atari 7800)

Dark Chambers (Atari 7800)
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Dark Chambers for the Atari 7800.  Dark Chambers is a hack-and-slash dungeon exploration game in the spirit of Gauntlet. In Dark Chambers, you seek to explore a 26-level dungeon. The deeper you descend, the mightier the monsters and the richer the rewards. There are three difficulty settings.

The dungeon is displayed from an overhead view. The scrolling screen moves to follow your character's progress. As you move through the chambers, you search for keys which will unlock doors. To move to a lower level, you must find a hole leading downward.

Each level is populated by monsters. When a monster is shot, it mutates to the next weakest type of foe. The monsters include zombies, skeletons, wraiths, wizards, and grim reapers. The monsters originate from spawners which can be destroyed.

As players journey through a level they may encounter power-ups and treasures. The dungeon also contains deadly poisons and traps. The game allows for two-player cooperative play. If one player is eliminated in a two player game, he may be revived if his opponent can locate a heart and shoot it.
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