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Dark Wizard (Sega CD)

Dark Wizard (Sega CD)
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These are epic times for the people of Cheshire. The kingdom of Quentin is the last stronghold in all of Cheshire agains the forces of darkness. But Quentin's king has been killed in battle. Cheshire desperatley needs a successor to come forward and lead the warriors of light against the forces of darkenss, and eventually against the Dark Wizard himself. If you fail, darkness will rule Cheshire - forever.

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The Best Strategy RPG by Dark Wizard 18 Dec 2008
If you like strategy rpgs, this is a must have game. Not as advanced as todays strategy games, but still enough to satisfy. 4 different storys to choose from, 2 male, 2 female. I always thought the hexagonal scheme was brilliant. Some may find the battle scenes repetive, but they can be disabled to save on load times and repetiveness. The game will go much faster with them turned off, but be sure to have them on for the boss battles. You have choices of paths to take in the game, so you can progress however you see fit. And there are all kinds of items tucked away over the land. You will spend hours finding them. There are also various 'Famous Players' in the game that you can accquire. Theres a lot to do, without a doubt.