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Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)

Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)
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Dead Space 1 included the primary focus on fear and to get you all shaken up throughout the Game. Now, comes to Dead Space 2 with not only an Epic Adventure, but as well with a well designed plot, amazing graphic display, a newly added on Multiplayer online, and best of all the game has taken a turn to make it very creative while still keeping it's touch on the Horror that it revolved around.

Issac still at large, he is ready to get right into battle with a new stylish suit that can even make Iron Man feel jealous. Thus, new waves of physically disturbing infected necromancers along with new ways to kill them with. This game is purely amazing and will knock you right off your seat with excitement, fear, and suspense. Personally, it'll make the top list of Scary Games in 2011 due to it's Scare Factor increased with new ideas presented since the first game. This game should be recommended for those who get energetic and can handle the bloodshed and gore presented, besides the fact it's a SciFi Game Type. Worth buying, shouldn't even be considered rented otherwise.
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