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Defender (Coleco Vision)

Defender (Coleco Vision)
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Defender for the Coleco Vision.  Based on Williams' 1980 Arcade smash, Defender for the ColecoVision puts you in control of the Spaceship Defender, which is equipped with hyperspace, thrusters, missiles and a limited number of smart bombs. The field of play scrolls right and left, but your ship can move up, down, right and left. Your mission is to fly around an alien world, shooting everything in sight. 

Everything, that is, except for the Humanoids dotting the surface of the mountainous landscape. You must rescue these innocents before they turn to enemy mutants. When you detect a Lander making off with one of the Humanoids, you should retrieve the Humanoid before he is taken to the top of the playfield. If all of the Humanoids are captured, the entire planet explodes.

Along with Landers, other enemy ships you will face in this game include Pods, Baiters, Swarmers and Bombers, which lay mines to trap you. To help you keep up with all of the activity, you'll find a scanner located near the top middle portion of the screen. For every 10,000 points you earn, you get an additional life and a smart bomb. The game is over only when all of your ships have been destroyed.
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