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Demon Attack (Intellivision)

Demon Attack (Intellivision)
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Demon Attack for the Intellivision.  Demon Attack was one of the most commonly ported titles of the early 1980s, and the Intellivision rendition has a special feature not found in any other, including the original Atari VCS version. After every few rounds of flying creatures, players will face Pandemonium, a demonic flagship blanketing the sky with its fiery grin, slanted eyes and devilish horns. To destroy this graphical wonder, you must erode the shield protecting it then fire through the revolving Window of Vulnerability and into the core of the ship. In terms of standard enemies, the creatures in this version of the game are blockier and less colorful than those found in the VCS rendition. However, the Intellivision game has a detailed outer space background composed of Earth and the moon. Sure, Demon Attack borrows heavily from Phoenix (and was even sued by Atari for it), but it looks great, features unpredictable enemies and is a blast to play.
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