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Dennis the Menace (SNES)

Dennis the Menace (SNES)
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The blond, overall-wearing, slingshot-packing brat that is Dennis the Menace is at it again in Dennis the Menace for the Super NES. After having his Garden Society meeting spoiled by Dennis, next door neighbor and curmudgeon Mr. Wilson declares that he does not want Dennis coming around ever again. He takes this stand even though Dennis was merely trying to report that Mr. Wilson's coin collection was missing. Dennis decides to run away from home, but as he's leaving, he learns that his pal Joey and his doll-toting tagalong Margaret are missing. You must help Dennis find his friends and the coins.Your first mission is to avoid Mr. Wilson and get out of his house before you get caught and are sent to bed. Along the way, you must pick up coins and find your slingshot and peashooter. Prior to picking up these items, your only weapon is a water pistol. Throughout the game you can pick up 1-Up icons for extra lives and wrapped pieces of candy to replenish your courage meter. Next comes the park, where you must find five large coins while avoiding screeching birds, howling frogs, and pesky bunnies. You must also find your dog, Ruff, pull him in his little red wagon, use the wagon to reach high platforms, and avoid more scary creatures. Somewhere on a swing set in the park is Betty Sue Dubroski, a mean little girl who will try to pummel you with acorns.Level three takes you to the boiler room, where you must find all the large coins while dodging fireballs, hot coals, dripping hot water and nasty little fire goblins. You'll also go to the gym, where Coach Beeferman is throwing medicine balls and baseballs. After escaping the gym, things only get smellier. A trail of coins will lead you into the sewer beneath the streets where you must collect all the large coins while avoiding globs of plopping "sludge." A large fish guards the end of the sewer.Finally, you must enter the woods and rescue Margaret and Joey from Switchblade Sam, a disreputable character if ever there was one. He is holding the kids hostage in case anyone tries to keep him from hopping aboard the next train out of town. Watch out for the constant barrage of apples he will throw at you. If you manage to defeat Switchblade Sam, Mr. Wilson will be eternally grateful and you will be the town hero!
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