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Dig Dug (Intellivision)

Dig Dug (Intellivision)
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Dig Dug for the Intellivision.  The Arcade classic Dig Dug digs its way into your living room via the Intellivision. When the game begins, the begoggled (as opposed to bespectacled) title character burrows to the center of the Earth. Once he's there, you take control. Armed with a killer shovel and an air gun, your job is to dig tunnels (or break into existing ones) and kill monsters. There are two types of creatures: Pooka and Fygar. Both are deadly to the touch, but Fygar are more dangerous because they can breath fire.

The Pooka and Fygar cannot dig tunnels, but they can temporarily turn into ghosts and pass right through the ground, directly toward you. To stun a monster, you can pump a couple of rounds of air into it, enabling you to walk right by. To kill a monster, keep on pumping until the monster explodes. Another way to kill monsters is to drop rocks on them. Rocks are situated at various points in the underground maze.

When the maze has been cleared of monsters, you progress to another underground area. You score points in Dig Dug by digging dirt, popping monsters and dropping rocks on monsters. The deeper you are when you kill a monster, the more points you get. The more monsters you destroy with one rock, the more points you get for each monster. Another way to score points is by gobbling mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchinis and other vegetables that appear (one at a time) near the center of the screen.
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