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Disney's Dinosaur (DREAMCAST)

Disney's Dinosaur (DREAMCAST)
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Prehistoric Earth and all its species are under terrible peril. A mysterious object has streaked through the sky and crashed into the ground, sending up a billowing cloud of debris that threatens to destroy all in its wake. Three young creatures -- the charismatic Iguanadon Aladar, the clumsy but loyal lemur Zini, and the devoted Pterandoon Flia -- must escape from what was once their lush island home, avoiding the many dangers along the way, including the biggest of them all, the terrifying and bloodthirsty Carnotaur.Disney's Dinosaur is based on the 2000 computer-animated movie. As you travel throughout the worlds of Disney's Dinosaur, you will have the opportunity to control all three of the different creatures, using their varying skills in a number of ways to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably face them. There are also a number of other characters from the movie to interact with.Players have the ability to switch between the characters at will, and each will have to help out in solving the many puzzles that litter the game. Aladar is strong and can break and move heavy objects, while Zini is quick and small with the ability to grasp smaller objects that others cannot. Flia can fly, a useful tool to anyone making their way across a continent. All three of the characters will need to be used to get through the game's 12 levels. In addition to the puzzle-solving, there are times where the characters will have to fight it out with the evil beasts that seek to make them dinner. As players progress and complete levels, they will be given points to allocate to their various skills.
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