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Disney's Doug: Doug's Big Game (GBC)

Disney's Doug: Doug's Big Game  (GBC)
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Doug Funnie embarks on a mission to find Patti Mayonnaise in this game based on Disney's animated series. The action is divided into two distinct stages: a role-playing game viewed from an overhead perspective and a side-scrolling shooting game as Doug transforms into his alter ego of Quailman. Role-playing aspects include conversing with the citizens of Bluffington to find the whereabouts of Patti and competing various tasks to assist them. Doug's loyal dog Porkchop accompanies him throughout both stages.Bluffington consists of five areas or neighborhoods: Doug's Neighborhood, Lucky Duck park, Downtown, Beebe Bluff Middle School, and The Four Leaf Clover Mall. As Doug explores the different parts of town, he'll need to pick up quarters so he can call potential witnesses on payphones scattered around the area as well as acquire power-ups for Quailman. An overhead map is used to travel between locations. The side-scrolling stages involve firing at boss characters or avoiding projectiles by either flying away from them or shooting them down.
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