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Double Dungeons (Turbo Grafx 16)

Double Dungeons (Turbo Grafx 16)
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Double Dungeons for the Turbo Grafx 16.  Double Dungeons is a barebones RPG in which one or two players battle ghouls, blobs of green slime, hawks, and other creatures while exploring 22 different mazes. Each maze (but the last) is selectable at the beginning of the game, but a key must be found in each level to access each boss. Thorough exploration equals a gain in experience points, which in turn leads to the earning of hit points and gold. Players start off armed with a dagger and a simple shield, but can upgrade their character by purchasing armor, healing potions, swords, and other items in various shops. The dungeon mazes are crudely rendered, the dialogue is choppy, the gameplay and music are mind-numbingly repetitive, and the combat system is overly simplistic. Still, there is some enjoyment to be had here -- the action is relatively fast-paced, mapping fanatics will feel right at home, and the two-player mode is kind of fun, especially when you bump into each other in a hallway or team up to destroy a boss.
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