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Driver (Sony Playstation)

Driver (Sony Playstation)
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You are the wheelman! As a cop deep undercover posing as a getaway driver for hire, you must infiltrate a massive crime ring spanning four cities! New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami-all with real landmarks, working traffic systems, pedestrians, motorists, and cops on patrol. True to life driving physics and obstacles from the creators of Destruction Derby 1 and 2! Revolutionary Director Mode lets you film and edit your own high-speed car chase films!
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Gameshark or regular code by White 04 Jun 2008
Look, If anyone wnts any kind of Gameshark or regular code, please, email me. I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Tips by Roger Cantu 04 Jun 2008
I been playing driver for the longest time. I don't know how to pass the game. How can i pass it? Tips anybody. 956- girls email me. please

help!!!! by ryan mills 04 Jun 2008
help!!!! how do u get the code to the cheats on driver windows? some one tell me and tell me how you get the code in

Can any1 help me ? by Oli 04 Jun 2008
Hi all
Can any1 help me ?
You know the training you have to do at the start of the game
I cant get all of them
Can you tell me how 2 get them ?
I be very grateful

codes that help me to play some levels by foad lallo 04 Jun 2008
I really like driver 2 Final ... but I would like to get some of the codes that help me to play some levels in the two disks without play the whole game to reach the level ....because I forget the memory card and add it after I play for an hour ..... that is why I can not reach the levels in the second disk ... please help me and e-mail me on my e-mail if you have the right code to pass the levels ...... foad lallo


Mission-based racing game

Play as undercover cop who poses as getaway driver

Perform stunt maneuvers in powerful cars

Evade the law in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco streets

Other game modes allow you to race outside of mission objectives