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Dynasty Warriors 3 (PS2)

Dynasty Warriors 3 (PS2)
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Battle through vast lands and against impossible odds in Koei's newest battlefield action game. About 1800 years ago in China, there were three fearless warriors battling for ultimate control over the country: one fought for hegemony, one fought for ambition, and one stood up for righteousness. Veteran warriors who shared the same visions swarmed under each leader.
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Sun Quan character info by Manifesto 11 Jun 2008
Sun Quan character info - Sun Quan is a very good sword user. He has very good hitting power and average hitting speed.
He has some really good charge attacks.
His charge 1 is a frontal 180 Slash. Its reach sucks but its executing time and damage is tremendous.
His charge 2 is a launcher. He does a vertical sweep bottom to top setting him up to start a combo.
His charge 3 stuns everybody he hits. He does a frontal sweep while leaning foward. Great for getting some time to start a combo.
His charge 4 is 2 very powerful 180 degree hits. When 1 person gets hit and flies back they also hit other people.
His charge 5 is his second launcher. He does a powerful throwing the guy into the air. Then he jumps up and hits the guy again.
His charge 6 is a power wave projectile. In my opinion it is a very good thing because it is powerful and does tremendous knockback.

Sun Quan, in my opinion is a very good character to use. He has very good hittong power and a very good defense.
His 4th weapon is called the masterwolf. To me its a disappoinment because it doesnt have an elemental attack. The good thing is that it has +49 to bow attack and +50 to bow defense. This makes archers not a problem especially in times when there are a lot of archers. The best thing is that it does +68 to the musou gauge and does +26 to musou increase. Sun Quan is a very good character to use and he is my favorite. To me, Sun Quan doesn't really have any flaws. You should try him sometime.

4th Weapon: Master Wolf
Element - None
Basic Attack +42
Musou guage +68
Bonus Attack +22
Bow Attack +49
Bow Defense +50
Musou Charge +26