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ED, EDD n EDDY: Jawbreakers! (GBA)
Name: ED, EDD n EDDY: Jawbreakers! (GBA)
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Manufacturer Name: BAM Entertainment
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  • Description
    The Cartoon Network's Ed, Edd, n Eddy make their Game Boy Advance debut in a sugary quest to find enough raffle tickets to win a lifetime supply of jawbreakers. Yet in order to locate the scattered tickets, the adolescent trio must first overcome a variety of puzzles and obstacles placed in their path. To make things easier, players can switch between the three characters at any time to take advantage of their distinct talents. Each character can use specific tools to help advance through the game's six side-scrolling levels within the allotted time. The burly Ed can use football helmets, for example, to bash through barriers, while Edd can hover over dangerous areas using a jetpack. The smartest of the bunch is Eddy, who can use a slingshot to knock down targets and is the only One bright enough to use switches. Progress during the adventure can be saved to one of three files provided on the cartridge. ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide

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