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ESPN National Hockey Night (GameBoy Color)

ESPN National Hockey Night (GameBoy Color)
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The fourth and final hockey game on Game Boy Color, ESPN National Hockey Night features 30 NHL teams from the 2001-2002 season, including the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets, playable in five game modes. One or two players can stick it out for a single game in Exhibition, while up to two can alternate turns taking shots on goal in the Shootout. Season has solo players embarking on a complete 82-game schedule, with an option to reduce the number of games to 40, 20, or 10. Playoffs allow players to jump directly into the race for the Stanley Cup, with an adjustable number of games per round from one to seven.

The final mode, Practice, lets players familiarize themselves with the controls using a practice squad of one to five players per side. The on-ice perspective is from an overhead view with a vertically scrolling screen. On offense, players can perform speed bursts, one-timers, and drop passes, while players on defense can initiate poke checks or pull their goalie to add a forward. Three difficulty levels are available, along with adjustable penalties, period lengths, and whether or not goalies are controlled manually or by the computer. Individual toggles for line substitutions, injuries, and fights are also included. Battery backup allows players to save season and playoff progress as well as options.
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