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Evolution: Dino dudes (Atari Jaguar)

Evolution: Dino dudes (Atari Jaguar)
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Evolution: Dino Dudes for the Atari Jaguar.  In Dino Dudes you are responsible for helping a tribe of semi-skilled cavemen evolve as they journey through several danger filled levels. The action takes place in real-time on 2D style platform levels. The challenge varies, but usually involves getting from one point to another or acquiring an item. The object is to complete the levels as quickly as possible without killing off all the members of your tribe.

You use your cavemen Lemmings style by having them perform certain actions to assist each other in achieving the goal. Each caveman can perform basic actions like climbing, picking up objects, and stacking on each others shoulders to form a wobbly ladder.

Special actions are also possible after certain items have been acquired: a torch to burn things, a rope for climbing, a wheel to ride on, and a spear to throw, brandish, or vault with.

You'll also need to watch out for the occasional dinosaur. And sometimes the witch doctor is available to help you complete a level.
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