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Extermination (PS2)

Extermination (PS2)
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From the producer of Resident Evil, Extermination takes gamers on a sci-fi, horror and suspense-filled adventure through the South Pole. Gamers play as an agent assigned to investigate a laboratory, housing an alien entity that consumes anything and anyone that gets in the way.

With an arsenal of weapons slung on his back, the hero treads through blizzard-blinding snow, through ill-fated corridors of an abandoned laboratory and more. Players perform actions while the scene is in motion, creating unbelievable scenes.

Through the combination of action, adventure and gruesome effects, Extermination will have gamers anxiously immersed as they wipe out creepy predators.

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* Cinematic cut scenes sting together an incredible story of mankind's possible Extermination.

* Action-packed events Force decisions to be made on the fly. Can you handle the pressure?

* Run, jump or climb into a frighteningly real environment created by amazing 3D textures.

* Move through real-time spectacular visual scenes that were only accessible in rendered movies of the past.

* Battle mutated creatures as you trudge through extreme weather conditions.

* Catch the action with either a chilling third person view or an all too real first person view (while aiming only).