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Final Fight (SNES)
Name: Final Fight (SNES)
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  • Description
    Mike Haggar, the new mayor of Metro City, had a long and distinguished career as a professional wrestler and street fighter. Determined to take back the streets from the ruthless gangs that currently run things, Haggar launches a one-man campaign to stop them. Always ready for a fight, the Mad Gear Gang kidnaps Haggar's daughter, Jessica, and dares him to come after her. Along with Jessica's boyfriend Cody, you'll have to kick some serious butt to save her and take the gang down. Playing as either Cody or Haggar, you'll find five intense levels of non-stop punching and kicking as you try to rescue Jessica. Each character has its own fighting style, and they can both utilize the many weapons strewn about the environments. The new mayor can make quite a statement by taking the Mad Gears down, but he needs your help to do it.

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    This game is beautiful
    by Matt 05 Jun 2015

    In the late 80’s a game which would soon be
    known as Final Fight was being developed as a
    sequel to the original Street Fighter. Once a little
    game called Double Dragon was released and
    exploded into a huge arcade success, Capcom
    decided to switch genres and develop Final Fight as
    a side scrolling beat-em-up. Thankfully the change
    took place for us gamers as Final Fight is one of
    the better examples of the beat-em-up genre and
    a true arcade classic.
    Final Fight can be played by up to two players
    simultaneously. Choices of characters are Haggar,
    the ex-professional wrestler turned mayor of Metro
    city, Cody the brawler whose girlfriend Jessica was
    kidnapped by the evil Mad Gear Gang which has taken over Metro city (Jessica also happens to be Haggar’s daughter)
    and lastly Cody’s friend Guy.
    Controls are pretty standard for a beat-em-up of this era. What really sets this game apart from the others is
    the creative weapons and items that can be picked up and used as well as the various health recovery items the
    player can eat or drink to regain strength. One of these items is what looks to be a roasted turkey (or maybe is it a
    chicken?) which for some reason as a kid this author thought was pretty funny.
    This game is just beautiful. The graphics and background are drawn with great care and the animations are
    pretty smooth.
    Final Fight was originally shown at various trade shows under the title of Street Fighter ‘89. Many people
    complained that the gameplay was nothing like Street Fighter so Capcom renamed the game to Final Fight.
    According to members of the development team many ideas for the game as well as it’s central plot was lifted from
    the 1984 action movie “Streets of Fire” in which a young girl is kidnapped by a violent gang only to be rescued by
    the hero Tom Cody. You can certainly see the resemblance there can’t you?

    Capcom's First Great Game
    by Tom Dombalis 30 Apr 2007

    Final Fight for the arcade was one of the better side scrolling beat 'em up games that ever graced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. With being one of the first games released, Capcom decided to cash in on the craze that had gone through the arcade and create this little gem of a side scrolling fighter for the fans at home. What really happened with the game is that is was censored to the point of making it nearly a different looking game than what was originally intended! With different enemies to face off against and several cases of missing names, images and otherwise, you could consider this title a chopped version of Final Fight that was created to better suit the requirements of Nintendo. That would have to be the fact that nothing new has been added to this release of the game and several changes were made! The same story still applies in which Jessica Hammer has been kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang and held for ransom. Mike Hammer and Cody go out on a rampage and start kicking the crap out of everyone who opposes them, and that is where the game starts!