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Fraction Fever (Coleco Vision)

Fraction Fever (Coleco Vision)
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Fraction Fever for the Coleco Vision.  Designed to help players develop an understanding of what a fraction is, decipher relationships between different fractions, and comprehend numerical and visual representations of fractions, Fraction Fever combines educational gameplay with Arcade-like action. 

The game has you hopping on a pogo stick, riding elevators, and zapping incorrect fractions, all within the confines of a 20-story building. Your perspective of the game is from a side view, and each floor of the building scrolls several screens to the right and left.

At the top of the playfield you will see a fraction. You score points on each floor by getting rid of fraction-pictures and fractions that do not match the one at the top of the screen. The fraction-pictures, which are composed of dots, squares and other shapes, appear beneath the walkway on each floor. When you zap a fraction or fraction-picture, it will knock a hole in the floor that you can fall through if you are not careful.

On each floor there is but one correct fraction or fraction-picture. When you spot the right one, you can zap it and ride an elevator to a higher floor. Your goal is to score as many points as you can in the process of trying to reach the 20th floor. As you climb higher and higher, the fractions get harder and the action gets faster.
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