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Game Genie (NES)

Game Genie (NES)
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Galoob was sued over the Game Genie by Nintendo in the USA, and won the precedent-setting court case which makes Cheat-Code cartridges legal for us all hardcore gamers. That's right, without them fighting, an Action Replay product would be simply illegal! The original Game Genie is a must-have for all video games collectors!
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I got the gold one by Chris Zeina from New York United States
24 Jan 2008
I think the gold one is a newer model maybe

Black Game Genie by Dave 30 Apr 2007
I have a game genie for the nintendo system that is all black. The game genies are gold. Unknown if this is a fluke or not also I have in my collection a 52 in one game cartridge. Its not an action 52 but something better. I have a copy of the nintendo rareity list if anyones interested. I am a collector of this system and currently have over 400 games. I use a product which is called GOO-GONE to clean my games and it works well. I also have a nintendo play-choice 10 arcade machine.

Game Genie is the video game enhancer that gives you the power to change and customize your favorite video games. Want more power? More speed? More lives? Infinite lives? More weapons? Want to run faster, jump higher, punch harder? Start out on any level you choose? Even out the competition by giving more lives, powers or abilities to one player? Using the simple step-by-step instructions in the Game Genie manual, you can take command of your video games and be a video game master!

The Game Genie code screen appears before the start of each game. It lets you enter codes for over 290 games in the codebook to create the special effects you want. Game Genie works on many game titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not all effects can be created at the same time, and some effects are not available on some games.

Features: Start on any level you want - More power - More speed - More Weapons - Infinite lives - Jump higher - Punch harder - Includes Codebook for over 290 games for the Nintendo NES

# Cheat-code Cartridge for NES 8 bits

# The pioneer of the cheating devices

# A must-have for collectors

# No Box - Mint Condition

# Cheat-codes built-in - Updates possible by finding codes in video games magazines from then