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George Foreman's KO Boxing [Sega Genesis Game]

George Foreman's KO Boxing [Sega Genesis Game]
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Now you can step into the shoes of former World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman as you make one last run at the title. The aim of the game is to beat fifteen fictitious opponents, each with his own fighting style, from a perspective just behind your boxer. While there is no movement inside the ring, players will be able to dodge punches by pushing left or right on the control pad. Foreman can pummel his opponents using left and right jabs, hooks and a limited number of "superpunches." These special blows are earned through delivering successful combinations, and once you receive one, you'll be able to unleash a powerful attack!Damage meters for each boxer are graphically represented by two large portraits located on either side of the screen. As a fighter receives punishment, the portrait will start to show swelling, bruises and even blood! While each fight consists of three rounds lasting three minutes apiece, it will end early if one of the following occurs: you knock down the opponent a total of four times; you knock down the opponent three times within a round to earn a TKO; or you land a knockout punch. A panel of three judges will decide the fight should it end without a knockout or TKO. Once you've recaptured the Heavyweight Title of the World, you can take on a friend to see who's the better fighter!
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