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GoldenEye 007 (NDS)

GoldenEye 007 (NDS)
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GoldenEye 007 returns to a Nintendo console as an exclusive, updated version of the 1995 film. Featuring a slightly altered storyline written by screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, who co-wrote the film's screenplay, GoldenEye for DS adds completely new levels, alternate locales, destructible items within the environments, and even a new Bond: the original film's Pierce Brosnan is replaced by the likeness of Daniel Craig. Each level can be played in different ways, depending on your style. Those who enjoy stealth can attempt to slink through areas unseen, while those who prefer a more direct approach can engage enemies with guns blazing. The controls offer two options: aiming with the stylus or buttons. Multiplayer support is also included for up to six players via local or online wireless connection. Seven games modes are available for multiplayer action on eight different maps.
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