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Gourmet Chef (DS)

Gourmet Chef (DS)
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A pinch of this, a dash of that — in your talented hands, cooking is as much an art as it is a science. With your whisk, chopping knife, mixing bowl and other tools of the trade, your Star is on the rise as you toil in the kitchen of One of the finest French restaurants, whipping up gourmet meals that tempt the palates of even the toughest customers. But do you have what it takes to become a true master chef? Demonstrate your cooking skills as you prepare dozens of delicious recipes, please customers and satisfy food critics.

Command the kitchen of a fine French restaurant in Gourmet Chef. Wield your stylus to chop, mix and cook as you prepare More than 70 authentic gourmet recipes. Prove your talents on 20 challenging customers, including a sneaky food critic who comes to your restaurant in various disguises. As you demonstrate your mastery, you'll rise through the ranks, eventually attaining the position of top chef. Even better, you can show off your culinary artistry to friends and family — each of the gourmet recipes you prepare in the game is available in the recipe section, so you can whip them up in your real-life kitchen and prove why you're so beloved by customers. With Gourmet Chef, victory never tasted quite so delicious.
  • Use your stylus to wield various cooking utensils as you prepare each meal
  • Experience the bustle of a restaurant kitchen as you move through various workstations
  • Recreate each of the meals in your own kitchen using the game's recipe section
  • Perfect the art of French cuisine to earn the rank of master chef
  • Prepare challenging meals for a variety of customers, including a tricky food critic
  • Master more than 70 authentic gourmet recipes

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