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Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox)

Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox)
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In the near future, the human race has branched out and established colonies on distant worlds. After several especially brutal attacks by an alien force known as The Covenant, the future of humanity is in grave danger. Desperate for survival, a group of soldiers flees the colonies and crash-lands on an enormous space station called HALO. While it looks and functions as a typical space station, at the core of Halo is a mystical and powerful force. As one of the surviving soldiers, you must lead your squad into war against The Covenant in order to unlock the secrets of Halo before the aliens are able to seize control and completely wipe out the human race. Whether it's from the third-person perspective in a vehicle or from the first-person perspective on foot, you'll engage in epic battles with the evil forces of The Covenant. Luckily, you'll have a huge arsenal of technologically advanced weapons that will make your life easier. If you think you?re up to saving the human race, then get ready for the action and intensity of HALO.
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unlimited ammo and life. by Braden 05 Jun 2008
If you go to the big building in level 1 and walk to the back and press the green button you will have unlimited ammo and life.

Here is a tip by Hollis Whitaker III 05 Jun 2008
Here is a tip that might be useful in single player or co-op mode.
Whsn taking on an Elite empty your rifle into him to weaken his
sheilds and then take him out with the pistol. Works for me.

  • Explore the giant space station Halo
  • Wage war against The Covenant
  • Discover the mysterious powers deep within Halo
  • Played from first and third-person perspective
  • Realistic physics and lighting effects